Helena Antonaccio

Helena Antonaccio I have such a big crush on you!  You are so pretty and your voice is the sexiest, sweetest voice I’ve heard in a long time.  I want to serve her, I want to suck on her callouses, smell her feet, deeply.  Oh what a living Goddess she is.  I’m sorry, I’m just raving on.  Ok let me get my bearings again, haha.  Her smile, the smile that could end the Russia/Ukraine crisis right now.  I really want to book her for my foot fetish site.  I will reach out in time.  OMG I just want to eat her hair!  I’m just a slave to her makeup.  Oh wow, she was “Miss June 1969” in Playboy.  Nice!  Yeah if you’re into ridiculously beautiful mature women, she’s a “must see”.

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